Sublime Sound is a manifestation of Scott Riesterer’s ongoing fascination with the aural world. As Sublime Sound, Scott has contributed his post production audio skills to dramatic and documentary films, animations, video games, and oddly enough, the Chevrolet Volt.

Recently, Scott has been focused on honing his skills as a dialog editor, the practice of cleaning and optimizing audio recorded on set. He likes to think of his dialog edits as a giant audio jigsaw puzzle, where pieces might be missing or misshapen, and the reference of the finished product is stained and torn. Luckily he enjoys the challenge!

Field Recording in Japan
Recording a drainpipe in Japan

Scott also enjoys the more creative process of working on sound effects and foley. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a few fruits and vegetables and a microphone. Unique sounds with character never fail to pique his interest, so he almost always travels with a recording kit to gather more material for his library. He is a self-confessed synth nerd, and uses analog and digital devices to conjure a diverse range of tones and textures. In 2016 Scott began to share his expertise by writing reviews of eurorack synthesizer modules for Ask.Audio.

One project that he was particularly proud to work on, Candiland, has received numerous awards from American festivals, including Best World Premiere in the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, and Best Director, Actor, Actress, and Supporting Actor in the LA Independent Film Festival Awards. The film was a thirteen year passion project for director/screenwriter Rusty Nixon, and his lead actor James Clayton lost thirty pounds and had one of his teeth filed down for the role. Scott additionally had the privilege of working on Wes Craven’s final project, The Girl in the Photographs which was nominated for Best Motion Picture Sound in the 2016 Leo Awards.

Bowl Recording
Bowls in the bathtub

His music makes heavy use of field recordings gathered from a variety of sources and locations. In 2013 he released Sonidos De Cuba, an ambitious genre-defying album built upon field recordings from a trip to Cuba. It was nominated for Best Electronic Album in the Western Canadian Music Awards and Scott performed a live version of the album in Winnipeg for BreakOut West. He is currently working on music featuring recordings from trips to Belize, Japan and Thailand.

Maw's 2
Scott Riesterer live at BreatOut West Winnipeg – Photo by Cole Torfason