Free EP on Bandcamp!

I’ve released a free EP of some of my older work on my Bandcamp store. I discovered and developed my unique style of working with field recordings in these four songs. Sonidos de Cuba was born from these early acoustic explorations. I like to think of them as musical larvae or protozoa, which is why I’ve called the EP Proto-Sonos.

The first song is Rain Down. It rains a lot in Vancouver. Therefore it was a natural choice to use a bed of rain recordings as a foundation for a song. Continue reading “Free EP on Bandcamp!”

jakd and Rain Down out now on Micro-Recordings

jakd Album ArtTwo of my original tracks, jakd and Rain Down have been released through Micro-Recordings as a two track EP. The songs are available through DJ Download, Audio Jelly, Juno, and Track it Down.