Free EP on Bandcamp!

I’ve released a free EP of some of my older work on my Bandcamp store. I discovered and developed my unique style of working with field recordings in these four songs. Sonidos de Cuba was born from these early acoustic explorations. I like to think of them as musical larvae or protozoa, which is why I’ve called the EP Proto-Sonos.

The first song is Rain Down. It rains a lot in Vancouver. Therefore it was a natural choice to use a bed of rain recordings as a foundation for a song. Continue reading “Free EP on Bandcamp!”

Diddle out now on Micro-Recordings

Diddle Album ArtDiddle, along with a remix by Tinge is now available on Juno, Track it Down, DJ Download, and Audio Jelly through Micro-Recordings.

jakd and Rain Down out now on Micro-Recordings

jakd Album ArtTwo of my original tracks, jakd and Rain Down have been released through Micro-Recordings as a two track EP. The songs are available through DJ Download, Audio Jelly, Juno, and Track it Down.

AoO&OoA – Madman Remix

My remix of AoO&OoA’s “Madman” has been released by Greek record label Micro-Recordings. I’m curious to hear your suggestions of how to pronounce their name. Somehow “Aaoooh and Oooaaah” doesn’t quite seem right. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Madman Album Art

The remix is now available on Juno, DJ Download, Track it Down, and Audio Jelly.