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Hey look what I got!
Hey look what I got!

The CDs of Sonidos de Cuba have arrived! I’ve already given a few out to some of my Rockethub supporters and the rest of you will receive them soon. They look great thanks to Tania Clarke’s wonderful album artwork. Next I’ll send off a few to CD Baby so the physical copies will be available there too.

It’s a little funny. Two of the people I’ve given copies to have commented on how long it’s been since they’ve bought a physical CD. I know the format is definitely waning in use as people move towards digital and cloud based music, but I really wanted to have some physical copies. It just makes the album feel that much more real, complete, and professional. Continue reading “CDs and Contests and Gigs and News and Stuff”

Introduction to Crowdfunding

I’ve launched my first foray into Crowd-funding! In order to raise funds to complete my album I’ve decided to use a site called Rockethub. Similar to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the site allows you to raise money by offering rewards. In my case I’m basically collecting presales of my album. I’m hoping to raise $500 to cover CD duplication and digital distribution. If I manage to exceed my target I’ll be able to put that towards having the album mastered. Any contribution you’re able to make is much appreciated!