Belizean Heat Out Now!

I’m excited to share my latest album, Belizean Heat! It features nine songs that are each built around field recordings gathered during a short visit to Belize I took in 2015. If you listen closely, you’ll hear birds, crickets, underwater reef crackling, and a persnickety naval radio. One of my favourite recordings was of a massive colony of grackles.

This sound collage has many of the original recordings I used in the album.

The music I’ve made with and around these recordings is stylistically diverse. Hol Chan and Wind Dancer are influenced by Synthwave, Hideaway is an ambient piece, and Xibalba takes influence from South American chicha music. If you’re interested, I’ve made a Spotify Playlist with my album, along with some of the songs and artists that shaped it.

Over the next few weeks I’ll discuss the stories behind each song and share some pictures from my trip.



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