Making A Strong Case: EMC On Their New Eurorack Modular Cases

While writing an article for Ask.Audio on starting a eurorack system, I reached out to 2Egress Sound & Design ( to ask for some photos of their beautiful cases, and Brock and Dion were happy to oblige. They’ve recently launched a new site, EMC (, focused on, well I think the name spells it out pretty clearly. I sat down with them over FaceTime for a fun chat about their new endeavour, our shared love of Japan, and their recent relocation.

First of all, I was curious to find out why they felt the need to start a new brand thing when 2Egress was already known as a fine maker of eurorack cases.

We just really focused on what it was we were doing. With 2Egress we had people writing us going “can you do sound design work for us, can you treat my living room?”

I have a degree in audio engineering. That’s where the business started. My instructor came to my house, and just freaked out over the furniture I had built myself. That’s where the business began, as niche word of mouth.

Eventually a client rather brusquely confronted them on the disconnect between their name and their products and they decided to try something more obvious.

I went, wow, you know, he’s right.

Now we have and also which makes more sense for our blog.

He has also found a passion and gratitude in the eurorack community that really excites and motivates him.
Eurorack devotees are awesome! They are the most fun to work with and are incredibly appreciative of the fact that we do what we do. They really love what we do, and it’s very motivating to work in that industry. I have people write me emails that say “I love your work and want you to know I appreciate that you’re here”. It’s really awesome. Yes, you get that in the furniture side a bit too, but it’s different.

Check out the rest of the interview here:


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