4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator

The Spectral Multiband Resonator from 4MS provides an innovative new spin on the filter bank concept with features like rotation, scale quantizing and a host of other attributes. For someone like me, who enjoys making music using field recordings, this module offers a perfect means to convert noisy material into something musical in an enjoyable and intuitive way. Continue reading “4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator”

Eurorack Euphoria with Ask.Audio

In the summer of 2016, I started writing reviews and tutorials of Eurorack Synthesizer Modules for Ask.Audio. If you’re interested in learning more about the arcane art and science of modular synthesizers, you can check out all of my articles here.



Sonidos de Cuba, finished at last!

Sonidos de Cuba, finished at last!

Sonidos de Cuba is now live and available for download from Bandcamp and CD Baby. I’ve also ordered a limited run of CDs with beautiful artwork by Tania Clarke of Side-B Design.

You can get the album through either of the links below:

My subscribers may have received a flurry of e-mails in their inbox yesterday. I sincerely apologize for that! I was diagnosing a problem on my website that made the widgets appear at the bottom of the page, and the apparent solution was to republish every post. I didn’t realize that it would e-mail each post again! You’ll notice that the widgets are back at the side of the page, and now there’s a nice little Bandcamp store ready for action.

In the next couple days I’ll be making a more detailed post about the album, describing and explaining the stories behind the songs and the recordings used in the songs.

Crawling Towards Completion

I posted some exiting updates to my album in progress: “Sonidos de Cuba”. I’ve added a song called La Cueva which is perhaps my most esoteric song ever. It features recordings from a cave near Vinales. Our guide was a talented whistler and I really enjoyed mangling and disassembling my recordings of him.

I’ve also posted some changes to Jinetero and Calle Musica. I’m excited to announce that more guests have provided their talents to this project. Matt Grant and Rudy Gill have layed down vocals on Jinetero; And James Kang helped out with his electric guitar.