Review: 2HP Pluck Eurorack Module

In October 2018, I got to know the tiny 2HP Pluck module. You can check out my thoughts and some demo recordings here:

Best of 2017: Eurorack Synth Modules

The eurorack world continued to expand in 2017 with a large number of new modules, as well as improvements on old modules unleashed into awaiting racks and eager hands. Distilling these new additions to the landscape into a top ten list seemed like an exercise that was doomed to fail. Instead I decided to list a few module highlights in a few categories. So here are some of the modules that caught my eye, or created enough buzz for me to take notice.

Check out my list here.


Review: Shuttle Control

The last leg of our trip with Endorphin Airways brings us to the Shuttle Control, an extremely capable and versatile USB/CV interface. So if you’re looking to integrate your home or mobile studio with your eurorack system, this might be the ticket.

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Review: Intellijel JellySquasher Analog Compressor & Tone Shaper Eurorack Module

I have to admit that I wasn’t terribly interested in this module when it first came out. I suppose this is partially because I have grown used to getting my compression from software plug-ins rather than hardware. There’s some great analog emulations out there, and software has a level of precision that is hard to beat. At least that’s how I felt until Danjel gave me a demonstration of an Acidlab Miami running through the Springverb into the Jellysquasher. He was able to quickly dial in this gritty, breathing, monstrous, dub techno tone from a simple drum groove and I was blown away. Toms transformed into growling synth swells. After that abrupt about-face of opinion I was eager to get my hands on one. Continue reading “Review: Intellijel JellySquasher Analog Compressor & Tone Shaper Eurorack Module”

Befaco Crush Delay v2

I usually try to avoid using the word “gnarly”. For me, it will be forever wrapped up in California surf and skateboard culture, drawing memories of Pauly Shore, grunge music, and mushroom cuts. However it must be said: The Crush Delay from Befaco is definitely a gnarly sounding module. Delay is only half of the equation because the module is also a circuit bent digital mangler. As noisy and glitchy as this guy can get, the feedback path thankfully features automatic gain control to protect your ears and speakers. Continue reading “Befaco Crush Delay v2”