Review: Shuttle Control

The last leg of our trip with Endorphin Airways brings us to the Shuttle Control, an extremely capable and versatile USB/CV interface. So if you’re looking to integrate your home or mobile studio with your eurorack system, this might be the ticket.

The Shuttle Control offers 16 CV outputs and three USB ports: One type B port for connecting a computer or iPad or other MIDI host device; and two type A ports for connecting external controllers. These three USB connections can be used simultaneously, allowing the Shuttle Control to function as a hub for your DAW, sequencer, modular system and controllers. I can see this feature being extremely helpful for iPad musicians wanting to use more peripherals and overcome the tablet’s connectivity limitations.

The functionality of the CV outputs can be configured in a number of ways. Assignments can be made using a web browser editor, but the unit comes with a number of presets that cover the most typical use-case scenarios. Each CV output can be assigned a MIDI channel or set to omni in order to respond to all channels. The types of CV behaviour available to these outputs are overwhelmingly diverse.

The expected necessities like pitch, gate, and velocity are all represented, but it’s unlikely anyone would have assumed there would be options for 808 cowbell noise, quantized random voltages or tap fibonacci. In fact, you could create a basic drum machine with just the Shuttle Control and a VCA by using the diverse noise outputs and a few envelope outputs. Yes, there’s also a range of envelope outputs that can be assigned. In addition to the standard one volt per octave format, the Shuttle Control is also able to output pitch in the Buchla standard of 1.2v/Oct, and Korg’s Pitch Hz/V.

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