The Making of Belizean Heat: Part 4 – The Split

This song takes its name from a small channel through the island of Caye Caulker appropriately named The Split. The water rushes through this small opening with a strong steady current, which makes it a favourite swimming spot for locals. Some just ride the current, while others use it as a sort of aquatic resistance training.

The motto of Caye Caulker is “Go Slow”, and you’ll see signs advising you to follow this credo all over the island. In our fast paced, connected culture slowing down is often good advice and something you have to remind yourself to do. This way of life is somewhat reinforced in Caye Caulker by the lack of cars and trucks. Golf carts and bicycles are the preferred method of transportation. You can hear a golf cart putting along amongst the doves greeting the morning in the recordings used throughout this song.

They listen to a lot of reggae in Belize, and I heard Bob Marley almost everywhere I went. So it seemed obligatory to make a dubby reggae inspired track. Along with Bob Marley, I really enjoy Augustus Pablo, Bill Laswell, and Fat Freddy’s Drop so I drew on these sources while putting The Split together.


Part five moves on to Hopkins, home to many Garifuna and grackles.


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