Befaco Crush Delay v2

I usually try to avoid using the word “gnarly”. For me, it will be forever wrapped up in California surf and skateboard culture, drawing memories of Pauly Shore, grunge music, and mushroom cuts. However it must be said: The Crush Delay from Befaco is definitely a gnarly sounding module. Delay is only half of the equation because the module is also a circuit bent digital mangler. As noisy and glitchy as this guy can get, the feedback path thankfully features automatic gain control to protect your ears and speakers.

Along with the satisfyingly big knob to control the delay’s speed, the crush has knobs for feedback, delay input, return level, and wet/dry balance. There are also three switches to engage the circuit bent behaviours and these parameters are all controllable via CV. Interestingly, the speed knob functions like a classic delay clockwise from the 1 O’clock point, while counterclockwise it enters the domain of digital distortion and bit reduction.

Read the rest here.


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