Warming the Winter With Belizean Heat

At long last I’m excited to say that I can start sharing Belizean Heat, the follow up to Sonidos de Cuba! I’m really pleased with how this album turned out. It’s quite eclectic, stylistically spanning from ambient and downtempo to progressive house and synthwave, but manages to be cohesive as a whole. It features a wide array of acoustic and electronic instruments, including trumpet, trombone, melodica, xaphoon, shakers, hand percussion, electric guitar and bass, Sonic Forest, Arturia MicroBrute, Elektron Octatrack Analog Four and RYTM, MFB Kraftzwerg, Dave Smith Poly Evolver, Novation Nova, and modular synthesizer.

Belize is a fascinating country. The coast is lined with coral reefs and mangrove islands home to vibrant aquatic life. Inland you can find lush jungles and Mayan ruins. While visiting Belize I captured recordings of birdsong, crickets, underwater reef crackling, a massive colony of grackles, and a persnickety naval radio. These recordings then provided the foundation and inspiration for the nine songs of this album.

The album will be officially released on February 1st, but in the mean time you can hear a short preview of a few of the songs in this video:


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