Review: Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer

The Eurorack realm has no shortage of sequencer offerings, and for good reason. They can generate the pulse that drives an entire system, bring a patch to life with modulation, provide the rhythmic foundation to support your patch, or whatever else you can conceive. Because they are so critical to so many systems, and because there is such a diverse range of approach, the market still does not seem saturated. However, I imagine it’s becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to make sequencers that stand out by offering something unique and exciting. Pittsburgh Modular adeptly pulls this off by creating a relatively small, hugely functional, performance ready, four channel sequencer.

In the case of the Lifeforms Sequencer, the unique and exciting aspect begins with the four VCAs. The concept is that because modular systems are generally adept at producing noisy signals (both intentionally and unintentionally), why not shape that raw noise into percussion rhythms? Each channel of the LPS has both an input, output, and an envelope output with control over Decay. The envelope out can also work as a basic impulse similar to a kick drum. This arrangement offers a great deal of flexibility because you can rhythmically gate a noise source, trigger and sync with other modules, send percussive envelopes, generate kick tones, or any combination of the above from one place. Combine that with the ability to save 32 patterns and you have a powerful little sequencer indeed.

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