Review: Mutable Instruments Rings

Rings from Mutable Instruments is a physical modeling resonator eurorack synth module with a healthy dose of joyful surprises lurking in its patch points and parameters. It’s designed to mimic the resonant behaviour of vibrating bodies like metal bars, plates, strings, and more, with the ability to blend and bend their attributes. Controls are available for Coarse Frequency, Structure, Damping, Brightness and Excitation Position. Each of these parameters has an input with a handy attenuverter to control the amount and polarity of external modulation, making it easy to integrate with other modules.

A while back I had a look at another resonator module from 4MS (you can read my thoughts here). The 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator works as a collection of six bandpass filters tuned to selectable frequencies with glassy ringing resonance at high Q values. If you’re asking which one to get, I’m afraid in my case the answer was both.

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