New Live Set at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Poly got potentiometered!
Poly got potentiometered!

I’ll be playing again at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire on Sunday June 8th at 2pm, only this time I’ll be using my Elektron Octatrack. I’ve been working hard exporting, sequencing, and reworking Sonidos de Cuba so that I can perform it live with this amazing device. At first I was trying to remake the songs close to how they sound on the album, but I kept encountering happy accidents and decided to let go and allow the album to evolve into a new form. Now some parts sound similar, but others sound completely different. It’s allowed me to get excited about the music again as I had grown a little tired of it after hearing so much of it. I’m using the Octatrack to sequence my MFB Kraftzwerg and Arturia Microbrute and as an effects unit for my Electro-Lobotomy Sonic Forest and Trumpet. It should be fun so I hope to see you there! The Maker Faire is a really great inspiring event so I highly recommend checking it out even if you can’t make my performance. If I have time I may even play one of the songs off my next album featuring recordings from Thailand along with my Manastone Hank Drum. More info at:

Speaking of my Hank Drum, here’s a little video I shot while on Galiano Island. I found an idyllic mossy patch and played a quick jam on each side for an exclusive audience of my camera operating wife, Macy the golden retriever, and an eagle and some other birds and insects. It was filmed on iPhone, but the audio was recorded with my Zoom H4N and a Rode NTG3. Enjoy! 

I’m actually off to Galiano tomorrow with a new set of Roland CS10EM Binaural Earbud Microphones so I’m hoping to record some more audio and video in those beautiful surroundings.

The first project I took on to learn the Octatrack was a remix competition put out by Novation. It provided a good means to play with the effects, sampling methods, and workflow of the device. The track is basically a live jam on the unit recorded straight into Pro Tools with some minor mastering applied afterwards. 

Lastly I’ve taken on a gig mixing and mastering a pop album. I won’t give too many details yet, but it’s a really fun catchy guitar synth pop band and I think it’s going to turn out great!



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