Review: Intellijel Cylonix Rainmaker Eurorack Delay Module

Calling the Intellijel Rainmaker a delay module is kind of like calling a lion a cat, or a cruise ship a boat. The Rainmaker is an unprecedented stereo delay module capable of a diverse range of tones and textures with a huge degree of control. The unit is divided into a delay section and a comb filtering section each with their own separate parameters and CV inputs. The vast functionality of the unit is realized with a menu system for navigating and assigning the various parameters.

Intellijel Rainmaker eurorack module in a synth rack.

I’ll admit that while I was excited to try out the Rainmaker, I was also a little intimidated. I feel like I could have easily spent months learning the unit. My first approach was to go through the various presets to get a sense of how it sounds and its capabilities. Richard Divine designed the presets numbered from 82 to 128 and provided special instructions on how to best take advantage of his creations. It was easy to get lost scrolling through the options; some patches provided more conventional rhythmic delays, some provided lush expansive reverbs, many were much more wild and unexpected. The pitch shifting capabilities are easily able to make any material dissonant and mysterious, or beautiful, floating, and ethereal.

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