Roland AIRA Bitrazer, Demora, Scooper & Torcido Eurorack Synth Modules Out of the Box

Part of Roland’s return to the modular world took the form of four effect units. Each piece was made to work both standalone as a tabletop unit, and as part of a eurorack system. Roland’s AIRA line features the use of their Analog Circuit Behaviour technology; taking Virtual Analog to the next level by digitally recreating hardware from the inside out. It was first employed in re-imaginings of classic pieces that took shape as the TR-8, TB-3, and VT-3. However with these effect units they’re creating something entirely new for Roland.

The AIRA modules look great all racked up together and possess a reassuring build quality with larger knobs for primary functions and smaller knobs for the attenuation and secondary features. Each unit features a USB connection that functions as a 24bit/96kHz audio interface, and also sends MIDI and Sync information. The controls boast a resolution of 16 million steps to avoid any audible stepping or aliasing and ensure smooth sweeps as you twiddle and tweak.

Squeezed into the 21HP footprint are 11 patch points, 7 knobs, and 2 buttons; except in the case of the Scooper, which has 5 knobs and 3 buttons. Each unit has a dedicated volume knob, so you can quickly control the level of your signal. The 1/8” dual mono inputs make them compatible with a eurorack setup, but limit their intended use as tabletop effect boxes  with other equipment. Roland would probably benefit from offering or including an adaptor or cable that takes stereo 1/4” and/or RCA connections and outputs dual 1/8”, similar to Elektron’s Audio/CV Split Cable Kit. To power the units, they cleverly come with both a standard wall wart, and a ribbon power adaptor.

A standard wall wart and a ribbon power adaptor are both included with the units.

A standard wall wart and a ribbon power adaptor are both included with the units.

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