Review: GMSN (Glasgow Make Some Noise) Pure Modular Synth

This month I had a special treat. Instead of being sent a module to review, I was sent an entire system! Glasgow Make Some Noise was kind enough to loan me one of their Pure Modular synths to check out. The Pure Modular is an 84 HP Eurorack synthesizer in a rugged, wooden, lidded case. From left to right, it’s made up of an LFO, Noise Generator, Sequencer, Quantiser, two Oscillators, a Low Pass Filter, Envelope Generator, and VCA. This provides everything you need to get started putting together a wide range of sounds, but it also plays nicely with any other modular gear that you might have.

The Pure Modular really delivers where it counts, as the two oscillators and filter sound great. Each oscillator has saw, triangle, and square with clean and accurate waveforms. A knob lets you sweep the pulse width, and there’s also a CV input with an attenuator for PWM. The Linear CV Input provides Frequency Modulation via the FM knob, and there is a Sync input to reset the start of the oscillator’s cycle. Coarse and Fine tuning knobs are also present, making it easy to tune your oscillators.

Hear what it sounds like here:

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